3 Ways to Reduce Wedding Stress during Photos

You’ve got a lot going on in life already, not to mention on wedding day.

The time for wedding photos, be it group or family, can definitely feel stressful. The last thing you want is one more thing to worry about. Here are three things you can do ahead of time to help feel a bit more zen, reduce wedding stress and get you to celebrating just that much quicker.

Less Stress = More time to celebrate!

  1. Designate a family member/friend to help wrangle up the crowd –
    Timelines are tight and the day almost always goes by faster than anyone can imagine. After all, that’s what happens when you’re having fun! Designating someone ahead of time that knows most of the family and has a stronger personalty to help wrangle everyone together will be a sigh of relief for you. Selecting someone before the wedding and asking them to help with directing will help prepare them and you for a seamless group session.
  2. Go over the shot list with your photographer before the wedding.
    You’ll have peace of mind when you finalize details with your photographer. Your guests will be coming from a lot of places and this is sometimes the first time you see these people in awhile.
    Going over the shot list for group and family portraits before the wedding will help to make sure you get all the photos you want and add in any last minute RSVP’s that may have decided to attend. Having that list printed will make it a quick point of reference for the photographer to check as the day goes on.
  3. Let others know when + where to meet at the start of the day (reminder, reminder, reminder!)
    Letting people that are in the photos know ahead of time that they will be can be a great way to get them there on time. A quick note or message the week before the wedding can help them plan when to be there and have a better idea of where to go. (Maybe even letting someone that tends to be a few minutes late know to be there at an earlier time can help make sure everyone is there when they need to be)
    Going a bit of the extra mile on the day of by having someone meet them when they arrive and letting them know where to go will also take some pressure off you as family tends to ask the couple what’s going on and where to go.
  4. BONUS TipSelect a location that is accommodating for everyone.
    Sometimes we have loved ones who we want to make it as easy as possible to take photos with. Selecting a location for family photos that isn’t too far away for grandparents to walk to, in the shade to keep babies cool and calm or even just a bit away from other guests to keep it a bit more quiet and less overwhelming can make a world of difference for the important people in your life. Helping them feel comfortable for group portraits will translate to an easy going time and less stress for you.
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You’ll be feeling dance ready knowing everything is taken care of.

Whether you incorporate one or all 4, I think you’ll find you’ll be sighing a breath of relief. Send me a message today for a few more insider tips about how to reduce wedding stress during family photos by planning for everything ahead of time!

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