Painted Hills Engagement Session | Oregon Wedding Photographer | Daniel & Tanya

I absolutely love helping make something extra special for each one of my clients, so planning this Painted Hills Engagement Session was a no brainer. It was really exciting to get planning the details with Daniel and Tanya. Picking where to go in the painted hills, what day is best to go down to the time to arrive.

Getting to the Painted hills and getting the session started was so exciting. Daniel and Tanya are just so affectionate and loving together; They were absolute naturals in front of the camera! But, seeing it all come together here in this gallery is always the best part. You can just feel the love and excitement they have in these photos and experience the moment with them.

We planned for two outfits during their session. The white is a more casual and cozy chic, while the teal/green is a traditional Russian dress and shirt. I really love when we can do outfit changes for an engagement session, especially when we can embrace a traditional outfit like the Russian shirt and dress. The colors that Daniel & Tanya picked for their Painted Hills Engagement session were also so complimented by the rich, earthy tones that the Painted Hills has. It was the perfect fit with how the weather was, the colors and the gorgeousness of the Painted Hills. Check out the full gallery below!

Session Location – The Painted Hills

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