Alvord Desert Engagement Session | Oregon Engagement Photographer | Dimitri & Heena

When I first met with Dimitri & Heena to talk about their wedding and engagement session, Heena mentioned that she dreamed of having her engagement session at the Alvord desert. This wonder of Oregon is tucked away in the lower southeastern part of the state and is about a 8 hour drive away from Salem. Not to mention that there are no towns or gas stations and the only road to the desert is all gravel. We spent two hours talking and researching during that consultation and made the dream of an Alvord Desert engagement session happen just two weeks later.

Between work and school, we picked a weekend date to make it happen. After all our research, we decided to stay at Crystal Crane Hot Springs the night before. Even at almost a two hour drive away from Alvord, Crane, Oregon is the closest year round town. It was great though because the Hot Springs was the perfect way to wind down that night and get ready for the engagement session the next day.

We woke up around 4 a.m to get ready and were on the road by 5 a.m to make it for sunrise. The drive was a bit longer, so we made it there just after 8 a.m. As soon as we drove on the desert though, we knew that the journey was worth it. Stepping on the Alvord is eerily, yet peacefully quiet. We were the only ones there and to be honest, these photos don’t even do justice. Though it looks all cracked, it was so smooth. Dimitri & Heena loved everything about it and were so glad to be there.

After their flawless engagement session complete with florals and an outfit change, we decided to enjoy the uniqueness of the desert. We drove fast on the playa, which seemed to go on for miles. We made stops for some quick snaps and photos of the vastness of the desert. Honestly everything about it was just so fun!

Scroll on to see the magic that unfolded and let’s get in touch to make your own dream engagement session come true.

Location – Alvord Desert

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