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Planning the perfect engagement session? There are so many options of what you can do! From what to wear, where to go and even the time of year, all of these options play into your engagement session. Read on for 5 tips to help you get planning!

1. Make a vision board (Invite your photographer to the pinterest board)

An engagement session is one of the first things planned before your wedding, sometimes even being a year before your date. It’s a great time to pull some of your favorite inspiration photos you already have selected for your wedding and try out some colors, props, or activities. You can work with your photographer to collaborate and make every part of your engagement session as unique as your wedding. Anything is possible! From beautiful locations, custom designed clothing (Check out this hand sewn dress for this Smith Rock engagement session) to even choosing a time of day where the light is just right. The options are absolutely limitless and you’ll have a truly personalized session to share with friends and family.

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Custom Sewn Gown For Manuelle & Tanya’s engagement session

2. Co-ordinate outfits

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The Notebook Inspired Engagement Session

No matter your taste and style, engagement photos are still a special occasion and reason to get dressed up! It’s a great idea to plan a coordinating outfit (or two!) that make you both feel amazing and confident. Co-ordinate a color palette and select pieces that pair well together. You can even have something made custom for you or go out and get yourself a fancy dress or suit. Check out this notebook inspired engagement session for inspiration on how to elevate your engagement session.

3. Pick a location you love

Alvord Desert Destination Engagement Session

An engagement session is about the two of you, so it’s a great time to choose a place that you love! It may be something meaningful like the coffee shop you had your first date, or a beach you both love visiting for the weekend. Anything that says “us” and makes you feel amazing is the place to be. It will also be a great reminder when you look at your engagement photos about why you love that place and the fun you had during your session. You can write about it on your wedding website and share a bit more with your guests about what brought you both together and have the photos to match too.

4. Incorporate things that you love/are meaningful to you

Step up your engagement session game by including anything that holds meaning to you. It can be anything big or small, but incorporating it will make it a reminder of the time you both went out for just yourselves and had your portraits taken. Maybe it’s something like the dried flowers from the first bouquet you received. It could be a gift that was given to you by your partner, such as jewelry. Tying into picking a location you love, it could even be as simple as the coffee from the coffee shop you both get together every week. After all, it is the little things in life that make it something extra special!

5. Have fun!

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Have fun!

Above all else, have fun with each other! This is a session all about the both of you. You can go extravagant and fully styled, you can keep it simple and intimate. As long as you feel good, you’ll both come out shinning and with an amazing set of photos to share. Send me a quick note and let’s see just how we can make the perfect engagement session for you.

Are you ready to get planning your perfect engagement session? Lets get in touch and make your engagement session dream a reality!

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