Who is she?

Around the same time I was dating my now husband and knew that I’d be moving to Oregon soon. Suddenly I felt like I had so much more opportunity in my life beyond what I had thought possible. I could no longer see myself living my life working in industrial buildings and oil refineries. So, I went with my gut, quit the program and decided I would be a Photographer from that day on.

I’m Marina, a small town girl from rural Canada who decided to go for bigger dreams.

At first though, I struggled with making that choice and was trying to find a secure career instead. The opportunity to become a Power Engineer was presented to me, so I decided to go for that.

Dream big, get together and make it happen
kind of person


I’m an independent person who loves feeling deeply and experiencing emotions fully. From moving photographs to deep conversations, I’m there for it all. If I’m being completely honest, I’m a bit of a misfit for where I’m from, but a breath of fresh air for others who feel the same.

I value capturing history and making something unique for everyone I work with. A big part of that has to do with my background as a Russian Orthodox Old Believer. It's also why you'll see a lot of my work is Old Believer weddings.

Life has taken my family all over through the years, so I love embracing others stories and history. It’s even better when I’m trusted enough to be given the opportunity to document someone else’s story. It’s a chance for me to connect, document and make something truly special all in one day. 

So friend, I invite you to bring everything you want to the table and come as you are. I'm ready to make some magic and capture your history for you.

magic maker +history creator 



What I love about what i do

I'll make sure we get those nice photos that grandma wants, but you better believe I'll be making sure we photograph your day the way you are.

freedom to be

A moment is gone in the blink of an eye. Most that you didn't even know were happening around you. I'm here to capture those in betweens.


The way I see life is bold, full and exciting. I go into every event wanting to create something a little epic to showcase you in your own story.

A touch of cinematic magic

A bit more on my background...

My small community was displaced for a long time until we finally found a place to call home in North America in the 1960’s. The journey was long for my ancestors and there is hardly anything that documents what they went through over the last several decades. I absolutely cherish going through the few albums we have from the last 60 years or so, but It’s not nearly enough, especially considering how much has happened and how much has been forgotten. 


Stories are passed down but important details are lost as time moves on. Forgetting your history and where you’re from is absolutely heart breaking to me, so if helping a couple document their wedding and create a beautiful album that will stand the test of time is what I can do today to make a difference, you better believe I’m going to do that. 

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