Silver Falls Engagement Session | Oregon Wedding Photographer | Andy & Varya

Getting together with Andy & Varya for this Silver Falls Engagement session was an absolute amazing time. I’ve worked with Varya several times before on some styled shoots, so I was ecstatic when she contacted me asking to take her engagement photos! She is a lovely model and natural in front of the camera.

Her and Andy are the sweetest together and were so fun to spend the afternoon with. I loved how excited they were for the session and the planning that went into it to make it really special! At our first consult, I asked if there was anything they liked for outfit choices and Andy was really excited about a bow-tie and suspenders. (He pulled it off so well!) Varya’s dress is a gorgeous, rich green velvet that really complimented her. Her hair and make-up was done by Divine Complexions in Wilsonville.

The day began by meeting up before heading up to Silver Falls. I made them some warm drinks because we knew it was going to be a chilly day. The weather called for rain but we were fortunate enough to not have any.

We decided to make it a Silver Falls engagement session because of the deep forest vibes. We were hoping to check out North Falls and get some water shots, but this particular Saturday was just so busy! There was no parking to be found, so we visited one of the lesser known spots. Regardless of where we could have been, the end result was absolutely stunning.

Oregon Venue – Silver Falls

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