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Emelian and Vadia met me on a lovely summer evening for their Molalla Oregon engagement session. We wanted to get a little bit of everything for them, so I thought the Molalla corridor would be perfect. Now I love these, and I may be a bit biased about how much I love these photos for a few reasons.

1. Emelian is from Canada and Canada is home.
2. We got to use not only a rad smoke bomb and sparklers, but we also fashioned together a beautiful little bouquet
3. These two are just the SWEETEST to spend the day with. Seriously.

Also, I always adore when my couples match. The yellow dress and shirt they wore was the same one they wore on Orthodox Easter Week, which I found to be so cute. It looked so good on them. I thought it was also so perfect once we found the daisies as the yellow was a perfect match to them.

We went up the corridor, stopping along the way to enjoy a few beautiful spots. We walked down to the river, into the woods (Several times), and anywhere else our little journey had taken us. Vadia put so much thought into it and we had a lot of fun getting creative with everything!

When I have a Molalla Oregon engagement session, I do my best to stop by a new spot every time so that my couples get a truly unique experience. It’s not too far from home, but has so much to offer. I love just how “Oregon” it feels and comes through in the portraits. We have some great plans for their wedding in September and I’m so looking forward to sharing those later this year! I already know they will be beautiful and that we will have a lot of fun.

Session Location – Molalla Corridor

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