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A Glam Fall Portland Engagement Session

Fedos & Liza’s Glam Downtown Portland Engagement Session was luxurious, stylish and bitingly cold. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the photos but this chilly fall evening had such strong winds that just went straight to your bones. Honestly it wasn’t so bad at the beginning, but as soon as the sun set the temperature just dropped and you could really feel it.

Fortunately, they could keep warm by keeping close and sneaking a kiss or two while wrapped up in Liza’s shawl. Because we prepared ahead of time for the weather, they also had they very trendy jackets on to wear as we walked between locations.

Chic, contemporary and stylish

We started in downtown Portland on top of a parking garage for those beautiful city views. Then, we made our way down the garage and walked across the Water Front so we could see the sunset over the skyline from the docks. Because this is a glam session, we decided to hop into our cars and head on over to the Tilikum Crossing bridge. When we got there Fedos & Liza made a quick outfit change and we headed back out the face the weather!

I loved the suit and black dress they wore, it reminded me of something out of a James Bond film. Overall, everything about this glam downtown Portland engagement session was phenomenal. Check out the gallery below and you will see what I mean. Also, don’t forget to see how their winter wonderland wedding was here.

Location – Downtown Portland

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