Oregon Gardens Session | Brian & Lauren

This Oregon Gardens Session Brian, Lauren and their small family really bring a smile to my face. Especially with these adorable portraits we have taken at The Oregon Gardens. They gave me a call to schedule holiday portraits where they included their pets, Laetitia and Bowie. Since they just moved from out of state, they really wanted something extra special to send home to family.

The Oregon Gardens is always a favorite, and being that it is pet friendly, it was the perfect place for their portrait session. We only talked over the phone before meeting in person and we had not discussed what they would be wearing, so I about fell over when they arrived and I saw their absolutely AMAZING outfits! Lauren’s dress was stunning with the red tulle and open back, and Brian looked so dapper in his vest and pocket-watch to finish the look. Not to mention the floral collar Laetitia sported and bow-tie Bowie wore. All together, they looked ready to go to a Gala.

We had a fabulous time just walking around the gardens, enjoying the last of the lovely summer weather and taking some killer portraits. Some of my favorites were taken about halfway when they tried all going for a walk and Bowie would just not have it. He can be seen being dragged a long a bit in the series of photos. It’s safe to say he missed home a bit and was not going walking any time soon.

I had so much fun with the four of them during their session and they really brought a new level of fun and class to Holiday portraits.


Oregon Gardens – Location

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