Interview with A Little Grace A Little Lace – Oregon Wedding Planner

Today we are interviewing a dear friend and amazing Wedding Planner, Lacy Kalberer. Lacy owns A Little Grace A Little Lace in Molalla, Oregon. Lacy and I have been working together since last summer and it’s such a pleasure! I always love seeing her smiling face and her passion for what she does shine through when we are talking.


Recently we got together over coffee and I had taken some portraits of Lacy. I thought it would be wonderful to not only showcase those, but her business as well. Read on to hear more about Lacy and some of her tips for successful wedding planning!
What do you specialize in?
 What I specialize in as a wedding planner is the logistical side of planning a wedding. This means calculating potential hurdles on the day of a wedding, cost saving tips, trustworthy resources, fitting all focal points into a timeline that flows naturally and flexibly, as well as offering ideas for  fun opportunities to add extra personal touches to a couples wedding day. I hold each of my couples wedding days very dear to my heart.
 How did you get started in the industry?
 I built my wedding planning business off of a passion for wanting to help clients weddings be as stress-free as possible. My husband and I own a Video Game store have been in business since 2005. Throughout the years I have planned smaller events, coordinated friends and family member’s wedding days, and am a board member of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo alongside running the business with my husband. Through my experiences I have found that I really love planning Weddings and embracing the stories of each couple.
 What is the most unique thing about your business?
 What I find unique or special about my business is that I feel I am always striving to be a positive, calming, transparent, and uplifting person for each couple as well as the other vendors during the wedding day. I feel the wedding planning journey should be a fun one and a chapter that should be celebrated just as much a the day of!

What do clients love about you? (feel free to brag!)

 Oh gosh, I am not the bragging type as with every experience I continue to grow and do better so of course I am my own worst critic! However, I always love hearing and reading the feedback from my clients. One of the most rewarding is hearing how I made their day so much easier and how they feel I went above and beyond. I put my whole heart into my job so hearing how thankful they are that I was there for them really makes my day.
 What is one piece of advice you want to leave couples planning their wedding?
 I want everyone to remember why they are even in the planning process… to get to the day that celebrates the love they have for their partner! Don’t get caught up in what you think you SHOULD have, or what you have seen others do at their weddings. It’s not worth getting stressed about every detail. I want everyone to enjoy this chapter as much as the wedding day itself. So take your time, consider the top three things you want to experience the most on your wedding day (next to marrying your sweetheart), and put your energy into ensuring those things happen.
Thanks for sharing Lacy! You can check out some of her weddings at and on

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