Rodi & Kira – Cape Kiwanda Elopement | Pacific City Photographer

Rodi & Kira tied the knot on January 28th, 2018. For their wedding photos they wanted to go to the coast which in all cases is absolutely beautiful. I especially love Cape Kiwanda as it makes the perfect little beach for the elopement style wedding photography we offer. Now, have you ever been to the coast in the winter time? You better believe it was windy as ever, raining sideways and then the sun would come out like nothing happened. The umbrellas I carry in my car definitely came to good use that day. It simultaneously managed to be one of the worst days in terms of weather, but one of the best days for Rodi & Kira in regards to amazing wedding portraits. (We were so fortunate it did not rain the entire time!)

Kira & I originally trekked out to Mount Hood to do some location scouting the week before the wedding, but were not successful in finding anything that really resonated with them. It did lead to an awesome little road trip though and the chance to get to know each other better.

I loved the bold contrast of their coral accents against the Oregon Coast and just how model-like these two are! We had so much fun braving the cold weather together and creating some absolute magic for these two. I really enjoy their easy going attitude and how natural and comfortable they got to be around me and Melanie.

At the end of the day, it was all worth being in the cold and temperamental weather. After all, you only get married once so you want to make sure it’s memorable!

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