Alex & Liza – Mary’s Peak Engagement Session

Sometimes mother nature throws a wrench in your plans. This was one of those times. We had an oddly warm winter, so Alex & Liza’s snowy engagement session dream didn’t work out as planned. (Only a few short weeks however and we have plenty of snow!) I was so excited when they were willing to drive out to Mary’s Peak in Philomath for what I must say was an epic engagement session. Not only for the amazing views and quite literal sea of clouds, but for how much fun we had working together. Alex and Liza have such a wonderful chemistry and they made sure to show it!

We started off at the top of the peak. The winding drive up was a bit nerve racking because there were a few ice patches and a very dense fog. The further up we got the lighter it was until we made it above the clouds. The only way I can think to describe it is that it was absolutely breath taking. Oregon never fails to amaze with all of its natural wonders. From Mount Hood to Mary’s Peak, this state is nothing short of amazing.

I can say the same about Alex & Liza! In our time working together you can see the tender and caring attitude they have towards each other. Holding hands, sneaking kisses and Alex carrying Liza on his back so she doesn’t get her shoes wet from the little patch of snow we found. Trust me, it was much deeper than it looks!

I am honored to to be their photographer as Liza has been a close friend of mine for years. Photographing their wedding will be such a fun time, as will their wedding day itself!



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