Kal & Irena – Salem Oregon Engagement Photographer

When Kal & Irena came in for their initial consultation, I knew we would have a lot of fun. They were looking for a winter engagement in Oregon and that is right up my alley as a Canadian transplant.

These two are so easy going and are down for anything. This really worked in our favor because on the day of their engagement session, we hit a bump on where we were going to go. Our initial location up in the Molalla hills was a bust because we couldn’t get to it with how much snow was on the road. We were spinning out on the road just trying to get there! Instead of re-scheduling, they were down to drive out to Detroit Lake which was over an hour and a half away. So, back down the road we went and we started heading out to Detroit Lake.

It was so worth the drive.

Upon our arrival to Detroit lake, we were graced with a winter wonderland. And temperamental weather. One minute it was snowing, the next rain and then the sun would come out. It was so crazy to experience the great variety in weather all within an hour and a half, I’m still in disbelief about it. To top that off, the first location I wanted to take them to was closed for the season. It seemed like the world did not want this session to happen on this day.

But the rain and cold was not going to stop them from having a great time. In between locations they were snuggled up in Kal’s truck and drying off, or sharing a furry blanket. Anytime you talk to Kal & Irena, you can just see their faces light up. These two are so passionate for each other, you can’t help but feel energized after spending time with them. I really enjoyed spending the day with taking their portraits and making some awesome engagement photos!

I am so excited for their wedding and can’t wait for the Spring time!

Winter Engagement Photographer

Winter Engagement Photographer        

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