Rodi & Kira – Downtown Portland Engagement Session

Rodi & Kira wanted to do something a little different for their engagement session, so one lovely Thursday afternoon we decided to do a Downtown Portland engagement session. Portland is one of those places that truly has so much to offer all within blocks of each other, meaning there is so many options to go for portraits. This was one of my first times really walking around Portland as I am not usually in the area and I loved the experience.

We had such a great time just walking around and seeing what there was to offer. From beautiful architecture to stunning city-scapes, every corner was impressionable. I especially loved their outfit choice! The vibrant color popped against the muted tones and urban area.

These two were so sweet and loving for their entire session to. Every time we would stop to look around, they would get comfortable with each other. Kira always placed her arm on Rodi’s shoulder, as you can see below! Their personalities really shined through. Rodi also had some really great input and wonderful ideas for their photos.

Just in passing while chatting with Kira, he mentioned how neat it would be if the letter board said their names and wedding date. Melanie over heard and mentioned it to me. It was such a great idea that Melanie and I couldn’t agree more, so we made it happen! It is so fun to hear people compliment how neat it is that there was that level of personalization to their portraits.

Needless to say, their Downtown Portland engagement session is one for the books. I’m so excited to come back here for another one one day with another fabulous couple!




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