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I was so excited to be part of Akaty and Fenya’s Scotts Mills wedding. I was already acquainted with their family beforehand as Akaty’s mom reached out to me to schedule family photos after their wedding. They had an early September wedding and asked to use some family’s private property in Scotts Mills for their photos. We had exclusive river access and we were so lucky that the weather was near perfect.

At first, we were heading out to the Butte Creek waterfall for their photos. Unfortunately though, the road was blocked and required special access to use it. After flagging Akaty & Fenya down to let them know we would not be able to pass, I asked if they were willing to try something new. We stopped by a burnt field that had inspired me earlier that week. I loved the stark contrast it would provide and it reminded me of the black sand beaches of Iceland. I felt the moody feel from the clouds and touch of rain really brought it to life, though Akaty and Fenya are all smiles.

Afterwards we headed to the family property and got our afternoon started. That was when the sun finally decided to peek behind the clouds and it brought out all the beautiful and luscious colors that are just so Oregon. We had so much by the water, then they were ready to change into their traditional Orthodox Wedding attire. We went to a spot nearby where the yellow flowers really made them stand out again. Everything just worked out perfectly despite the earlier hiccup in the day!

Oregon Wedding Venue – Scotts Mills

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