Navarra Gardens Engagement Session | Oregon Wedding Photographer | Nick & Nila

Summer was fully embraced this year with some lovely engagement sessions. For Nick & Nila’s engagement session, we went out to the beautiful Navarra Gardens just outside of Salem in Willamina, Oregon. Karen was so gracious to have us there to enjoy her lovely property. The luscious greenery, calming river and glowing sun were the perfect fit for them. When Nick & Nila arrived, it felt like they stepped right out of The Notebook with how spiffy and classically dressed they were.

There was a cool breeze on the river that day, and the water looked so nice and inviting with its slow current. It felt even better than it looked once I stepped into the water to take photos of them on the canoe. They floated around while the sun was setting around them. It was very fun all together.

Afterwards we explored more of Navarra Gardens, visiting the garden near the guest house. There was a lovely gazebo surrounded by greenery and you could hear the waterfall in the distance. We walked by the pond, and ended by the archway. It was a truly wonderful time at the Navarra Gardens and I look forward to going back again to explore more. Especially with a lovely couple like Nick & Nila.

You can check out their wedding in Portland here.

Oregon Wedding Venue – The Navarra Gardens

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