Tom McCall Waterfront Park Engagement – Sergey & Hina

Recently I had the pleasure of taking Sergey and Hina’s engagement portraits at the the Tom McCall Waterfront Park in downtown Portland. While we had corresponded over the phone and via e-mail, this was my first time meeting the two of them in person. To be completely honest I was nervous that they would be a bit nervous around me because we had not met yet, but that was not the case at all! Right from the beginning Sergey and Hina were so comfortable and were not afraid to show a little bit of PDA towards each other.

We chose to go to Tom McCall Waterfront Park because we were hoping to catch the last bit of cherry blossoms. Sadly, they were already gone when we arrived. Because it is Oregon however and there is always something in bloom year round, we were able to find some beautiful trees that were blooming pink for them. Hina was ecstatic about that and loved that we found some for her!

These two are absolutely smitten for each other. While we were walking around, Sergey would just pick Hina up and carry her around because her feet were hurting. They were holding hands, sneaking kisses and always laughing and smiling. I really enjoyed spending the hour with them. Their energy was absolutely amazing and I left feeling so ecstatic! Not just for their upcoming wedding, but also because they just radiate positivity and happiness.

We finished off the day by walking across the pedestrian bridge to get a beautiful view of Portland in the evening. That was my first time going to the docks and the walk was worth it. The water was a bit rough so the dock would rock under us, but we eventually found our ground. Now I always thought the Portland skyline was always beautiful, but seeing it with a gorgeous couple as well really enhanced the whole view. I’m looking forward to seeing these two again soon!



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